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What the Movie “Groundhog Day” Teaches about Employee Engagement

Posted by Greg Hyman on Feb 4, 2016 6:00:00 AM

If you prefer short sleeves to parkas, or abhor sitting in a freezing car on early winter mornings, you may have reason to rejoice this month. According to the nation’s most renowned groundhog, we are due for mild weather early this year.

Personally, I’ll wait a few months to mothball my parka and scarves. Still, I don’t write off Groundhog Day entirely, even if I feel the prognostications of a large rodent barely surpass traditional meteorology in terms of credibility.

That’s because, for me, Groundhog Day unfailingly brings to mind the movie of the same name, in which Bill Murray’s misanthropic meteorologist, Phil, is forced to relive February 2nd over and over until he changes his erroneous ways.

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Easy as ABC: Three Tips for Increasing Employee Engagement

Posted by Melissa Herrett on Feb 2, 2016 12:26:36 PM

Employee engagement has been shown to help increase productivity, lower absenteeism, and produce discretionary effort among staff. As such, for many organizations, taking steps to improve engagement levels and develop more Advocates, or highly engaged employees, is an organizational imperative.

As a manager, you are likely always searching for new ways to increase engagement among your team members. While there are many ways to increase engagement, in this article we tried to simplify the equation, taking it back to the ABCs.

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An Overview of OAS CAHPS

Posted by Brian Ellis on Jan 28, 2016 4:55:11 PM

In a recent webinar, team members from Avatar met with healthcare professionals to help them understand and prepare for OAS CAHPS, a standardized patient survey scheduled to launch this year on a national scale.

While participation is currently voluntary, news of the coming launch has drawn a great deal of interest from healthcare leaders, many of whom believe OAS CAHPS could have Value-Based Purchasing implications in the future.

Of course, financial implication was just one of the topics covered during the event, which also provided attendees with details on the survey design, options for customizing their survey program, timelines, and more.

For those who were unable to attend the event, this article provides a high-level summary of some of the details we shared.

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Employee Engagement and Diversity in the Workplace

Posted by Greg Hyman on Jan 26, 2016 6:00:00 AM

The approach of February, which is Black History Month in the United States, represents an opportune time to reflect on workplace diversity.

As much as anywhere in public and private life, diversity in the workplace is crucial, not only because it helps to even the playing field for all employees to progress in their careers, but also because diversity may endow organizations with substantial performance benefits.

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The Impact of Workplace Burnout on Employee Engagement

Posted by Admin on Jan 21, 2016 6:00:00 AM

For many organizations, the beginning of a new year is a time for taking stock – planning annual budget spend, evaluating potential vendors, or discussing performance with staff, to name a few examples.

However, one area that leaders and managers tend to overlook is employee burnout. With so many organizations under pressure to do more with less, now is the time to include in your stocktaking the pressure and stress your employees may be feeling.

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Drivers of Employee Engagement: Organizational Culture

Posted by Brian Ellis on Jan 19, 2016 10:34:16 AM

With the start of the new year, organizations across the country are establishing their 2016 goals and identifying the areas in which they will focus their improvement efforts. For many organizations, employee engagement represents a top priority. Leadership teams, as well as employees themselves, are continuing to seek ways to increase engagement levels.

To help organizations focus their engagement efforts, Avatar has conducted key driver analyses identifying the factors that have the most impact on employee engagement. In two recent articles, The New Key Drivers of Engagement – Part 1 and Part 2, we provided a high-level overview of the nine key drivers identified using data from Avatar’s national employee engagement survey database.

In subsequent articles, we have taken deeper dives into a few of those drivers. In this article, we focus on the top driver of employee engagement – Organizational Culture.

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HCAHPS Health Literacy Item Set for Hospitals

Posted by Greg Hyman on Jan 14, 2016 6:00:00 AM

Have you ever left a healthcare appointment confused about what you’ve been told or unsure how to follow your provider’s instructions for care at home?

If you have, you’re not alone. In fact, more than 30% of U.S. adults have trouble with important health-related tasks, such as following instructions on a prescription drug label or adhering to an immunization schedule.1

Despite improvements in healthcare nationwide, health literacy in the United States remains relatively low. That’s one of the drivers behind the development of a new supplemental Health Literacy item set for the CAHPS for Hospitals Survey (HCAHPS).

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How to Improve Physician Engagement

Posted by Brian Ellis on Jan 6, 2016 10:31:06 AM

Each year, fewer and fewer people are beginning careers in medical practice. As such, organizations must harvest the highest level of commitment and engagement from the medical staff they have now. Healthcare providers are the front line caregivers who are shaping the overall patient experience, and clinical leaders must ensure physicians’ actions are aligned with company objectives.

How is this done? 

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Resolving to Increase Your Own Employee Engagement

Posted by Bridget Edgeworth on Dec 31, 2015 11:44:05 AM

Happy New Year!! And what a year it will be! New Year’s is a time to take what we’ve learned from the past and translate these lessons into goals for the future.  A time to try to better oneself.

Self-development can take shape in many different forms, and some changes are more difficult to achieve than others. For some, it may be easier to focus on food or fitness than to find areas of your day-to-day work life that need improvement, or vice versa.

This year, consider focusing your resolutions on your own employee engagement in the workplace. While resolving to improve your work environment, your outlook, or your overall engagement can be challenging, if you think outside the cubical, it might not be as difficult as it seems.

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Enhancing the Patient Experience during the Holiday Season

Posted by Melissa Herrett on Dec 24, 2015 9:30:00 AM

As I prepare to head home for Christmas, I’ve gotten to thinking about patients in hospitals nationwide that aren’t able to be at home for the holidays. I have been lucky enough to never have to spend a holiday in the hospital, but I imagine for those less fortunate, missing out on time at home with family must be very difficult.

I hear many stories from friends in the healthcare industry about how they attempt to provide their patients with a “jolly” experience during the holidays. By doing so, they mention that they often see an elevation in patients’ moods and overall patient satisfaction. Along those lines, here are some ways you could consider enhancing the patient experience during the holiday season:

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