Leadership Staff

Murat Philippe

Murat Philippe is the Director of Workforce Consulting Services for Avatar Solutions. Having worked in the survey industry for over 15 years, he functions as a key analyst and has been vital to establishing the organization's employee engagement philosophy, Personal Employee Engagement Reports (PEER), and in identifying the first-ever linkage between diversity and engagement. In support of helping organizations achieve their survey objectives, his work pioneered Avatar's goal-setting methodology. Furthermore, Murat's analytical experience fuels the organizational approach to action plan prioritization through the use of key driver and business impact analyses which sharpen organizational focus on the most meaningful business outcomes. In short, Murat excels at integrating quantitative data with qualitative understanding to provide richness and insight which is invaluable to business leaders. In addition to speaking at national conferences and facilitating over 2,000 focus groups, Murat guides leadership teams through results presentations, the action-planning process, and our innovative ActionPro software.

Prior to joining Avatar, Mr. Philippe worked for four years at International Survey Research, now Towers Watson, as senior project manager on multi-national, multi-lingual surveys for Fortune 500 companies such as American Airlines, Citibank, General Motors, Royal Bank Financial Group, Lucent Technologies, and Pharmacia & Upjohn. Serving as a liaison between internal departments and clients, he developed an ability to integrate multiple perspectives and problem solve. A graduate of Northwestern University, Mr. Philippe worked as a research manager in the Northwestern University Psychology Department. Under Professor Sandra Waxman, he co-authored research published in Developmental Science on early childhood language acquisition.

Born in Spain, with roots in the Caribbean, Mr. Philippe is fluent in Spanish. He has volunteered through Chicago Cares to paint subsidized apartments for the elderly and often supports and attends charitable events such as the Multiple Sclerosis Walk and the Breast Cancer Race for the Cure. Mr. Philippe also participated for three years in Northwestern University's 30-hour Dance Marathon, which has generated over $9 million over the years to benefit various Chicago-area charities. In addition to his love for photography, live music and the Chicago Bears, Mr. Philippe is an admitted adrenaline seeker who enjoys skydiving, bungee jumping, snowboarding, and mountain biking. Mr. Philippe has gone SCUBA diving at the Great Barrier Reef and class-five whitewater rafting in West Virginia (Gauley and New River) as well as at Glacier National Park in Montana.