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Avatar Solutions Named One of Nation’s Largest Patient Satisfaction Measurement Firms

Nov 10, 2015

Chicago, IL – November 16, 2015 – Avatar Solutions, a leading survey research and performance improvement company, was recently named one of the nation’s Largest Patient-Satisfaction Measurement Firms by Modern Healthcare.

Avatar Solutions Announces New Approach to Employee Engagement Model

Nov 05, 2015

Chicago, IL – November 5, 2015 – Leading employee engagement survey provider Avatar Solutions recently announced an update to its Employee Engagement model and survey offerings. The new approach allows for a more precise understanding of how interactions between organizations and individual employees affect engagement. Using this information, Avatar can provide smarter, more detailed insight into what drives engagement for employees nationwide.

Murat Philippe Discusses Diversity & Engagement in Workforce Magazine

Oct 01, 2015

Workforce magazine regularly publishes readers' questions along with select responses from industry experts. Insights from Murat Philippe, Engagement Advisor at Avatar Solutions, were recently featured in response to a reader's question asking "What evidence is there to support a link between workplace diversity and rising engagement?"

Readers of Philippe's response learned that "[...] through Avatar Solutions’ work with thousands of organizations, we have found a positive correlation (r=+0.4) between employee perceptions of engagement factors (job satisfaction, career development and recognition, co-worker satisfaction, supervisory satisfaction and organizational effectiveness) and their perceptions of fairness in dealing with diverse customers and employees..."


14 Quorum Client Hospitals Receive Multiple Avatar Patient Experience Awards

Sep 18, 2015

14 Quorum client hospitals were recently recognized by Avatar Solutions, a market research firm and healthcare surveys provider, as 2015 Patient Experience Award recipients. Three Quorum client hospitals were distinguished as “Best Overall Performers,” which were awarded to 15 healthcare providers.


Avatar Solutions Approved to Administer CAHPS for Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS)

Jul 29, 2015

Lake Mary, Florida – July 29, 2015 – Avatar Solutions has received official approval from CMS to administer the Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) for PQRS Survey.