Avatar Client Awards

Each year, Avatar Client Awards commemorate significant accomplishments made by Avatar clients in the field of service excellence. Healthcare organizations that receive an Avatar Client Award bear the distinction of leading their peers in the ongoing drive to improve quality and performance in healthcare. Descriptions of the Avatar Client Awards are provided below.

To view descriptions of awards, please visit our Avatar Annual Symposium website.

Avatar Best-in-Class® Seal

Organizations with survey scores in the top 10 percent of Avatar's normative database for employee engagement and overall job satisfaction receive a Best-in-Class seal.

Avatar Employee Engagement AwardAvatar Overall Job Satisfaction Award

For a list of the 2013 winners, click here.

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Avatar Employee Survey Awards

Avatar's Employee Survey Award recognizes the top three organizations in the following categories: highest actively engaged population, highest overall job satisfaction, most improved employee engagement level, and most improved overall job satisfaction.