ROE: Return-on-Engagement Calculator

Avatar Solutions' Return-on-Engagement Calculator

The idea of engagement borrows from the concept that you want to create a mutually-beneficial long-term relationship with employees and, by extension, customers/patients, such that commitment, loyalty, and profitability can soar. As is often the case, you can’t manage it if you don’t measure it.

Avatar's research studies revealed that engaged employees tend to enrich their service, have fewer absences, be more innovative and confident in expressing new ideas, and have higher levels of productivity. Furthermore, they regularly achieve, and often eclipse, business goals and objectives. Employee engagement can be defined as an employee putting forth extra discretionary effort, as well as the likelihood of the employee being loyal and remaining with the organization over the long haul. Employers with engaged employees tend to experience low employee turnover and more impressive business outcomes. Just how significant is employee engagement to your company’s bottom-line?

Use our online Return-on-Engagement Calculator to determine the financial impact engagement can have on your organization. Enter your organization’s turnover, attendance, and training costs data, and you will be surprised by the savings that a focus on engagement can yield.

  ROE: Return-on-Engagement Calculator

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For your convenience we have both a “Lite" and “Deluxe" version of the Return-on-Engagement calculator.

For the Lite Version you will need the following metrics for your organization (Employee Count, Average Salary, Sick Time Usage, Turnover Rate).

For the Deluxe Version you will need additional information (Training Costs, Cost of Additional Overtime/Temporary Help, Separation Costs, etc.).

You can view each by making the appropriate selection after submission.