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Client Webinar: Improving Care in the Ambulatory Setting

A disproportionately high – and still growing – number of Americans receive medical care in ambulatory settings. According to the American Medical Association, 300 people are seen in ambulatory settings for every person admitted to a hospital.

As healthcare quality expands its role beyond the acute care hospital, there is a need to transition the techniques that have relevance for an outpatient practice and to capitalize on new and innovative strategies that will be useful across outpatient service lines.

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Client Webinar: Get On Board the ED CAHPS Train

The Emergency Department Patient Experience of Care (EDPEC) Survey is leaving the station – are your leaders on board?

In this video, join Lori Maloy, Director of Outpatient Service, Quality, and Safety at Aspen Valley Hospital, as she shares the imperatives her organization has established in preparing for ED CAHPS.

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Webinar: Engagement & Recruitment Strategies for the Multigenerational Workforce

People are living and working longer than in decades past. As a result, many organizations currently have multiple generations in the workplace.

To respond to this multigenerational reality, organizations need to understand how each generation differs, what engages them, and why employee retention should be a top organizational priority.

A resource for business leaders and managers, this video provides a summary of what engages workers of different age groups. Proven best practices for recruiting, retaining, and supporting employee engagement among different generations are also shared.

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Webinar: OAS CAHPS Is Coming - Are You Ready?

Beginning in January 2016, CMS will launch voluntary national implementation of the Outpatient and Ambulatory Surgery CAHPS (OAS CAHPS) Survey. The standardized survey will provide hospital outpatient surgery departments and ambulatory surgery centers with information about patients’ experiences of care in these care settings.

This complimentary webinar is designed to help you understand the survey, its implications, and why you should consider implementing now. 

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Client Webinar: Service Recovery – Creating a System for Success

No one wants to disappoint their customers. But unfortunately service failures can and do occur, even among the most service-centered organizations. How you handle problems, however, separates the mediocre from the service stars.

In this one hour session, author, consultant, and patient experience thought leader Kristin Baird sheds light on how to create a successful service recovery system across an organization for lasting success.

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Client Webinar: Staff Recognition - Revitalizing Relationships that Drive Employee Engagement

Client Webinar: Staff Recognition - Revitalizing Relationships that Drive Employee Engagement

Norton Healthcare has achieved excellent employee engagement results in the area of recognition. Their success stems, in part, from examination into when, where, and how recognition is used across the organization.

They have also undertaken efforts to ensure consistency in how recognition is applied across their five hospitals, numerous Immediate Care Centers, Physician Offices, and nonclinical settings.

Learn how Norton Healthcare has created a recognition program that excites employees, motivates them to perform at a higher level, drives loyalty to the organization, and encourages staff to take ownership and pride in their work.

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Client Webinar: Transforming Culture Through Daily Huddles

Client Webinar: Transforming Culture Through Daily Huddles

Since 2010, Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital has been on a journey to improve the culture of their organization through Daily Huddles.

In this webinar, join Avatar Solutions and Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital to hear how this organization continues to guide cultural transformation using this effective collaboration process, and what innovations they apply to help it stick.

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Client Webinar: Managing Ambulatory Patient Expectations to Enhance Perceptions of Care

Client Webinar: Managing Ambulatory Patient Expectations to Enhance Perceptions of Care

The University of Florida Health – Shands Hospital educates patients about hospital expectations, pain control, and anesthesia prior to going into surgery.

In this webinar, learn about their journey using Expectation Management and Medical Information (EMMI) to achieve improvement in their Provision of Care, Treatment, and Services patient experience scores.

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