Workforce Consulting

At Avatar Solutions, we really distinguish ourselves through our Survey Consulting Services, which help your organization Turn Data Into Action®. Some of the consulting services we offer for our Workforce Surveys are:

ActionPro Reporting and Action Planning Training
Avatar Solutions can provide training to help managers understand how to use ActionPro, our online reporting and action planning tool. The training can be conducted with a consultant on-site or via webinar and is usually conducted during the Comprehensive Results Presentation. This training demonstrates how to generate each available report in ActionPro, as well as how to read and interpret the report. It will also cover the action planning process, including creating, submitting, updating, and completing an action plan.

Management Kickoff Meeting
The Management Kick-off Meeting is a valuable service meant to prepare your organization's management team for an effective and positive survey process. During this meeting, your management team will be informed about:

  • Avatar Solutions as their new survey partner
  • The purpose of the survey
  • The survey tool itself including how it was designed and how it is to be completed by employees
  • Confidential measures used by Avatar Solutions to protect employees' identities
  • The Personal Employee Engagement Report (PEER)
  • Frequently Asked Questions that arise during the first stages of the survey administration
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes made by organizations with surveys
  • Process and sequence of all survey results
  • Interpretation of the statistical data and the presentation of the survey process
  • The capabilities of the online reporting and action planning tool, ActionPro
  • The purpose and value of conducting feedback sessions
  • Recommended Final Report, Communication, and Action Planning steps

In addition, a Management Kick-off Meeting enables your organization's CEO to position the survey as an important strategic initiative, thus allowing your organization to build excitement for a successful survey experience. This meeting helps clarify the management team's role and responsibilities regarding the survey and builds commitment to the process. The Management Kick-off Meeting typically lasts one hour.

Feedback Session Facilitation
Feedback Sessions are the most critical step in the survey process, because they provide the opportunity to augment the survey's statistical results with direct feedback from employees. The survey provides mainly quantitative data, so getting the "why" behind the numbers allows one to qualify the data with specific examples and quotes from the employees, as well as define specific opportunities and highlights within the work group/organization.

Feedback Sessions also enable organizations to avoid a common mistake: creating action plans based on statistics alone. Without conducting feedback, managers often assume the employees' reasoning for certain survey responses and end up creating action plans that are irrelevant. (For example, the parking item may score low and management assumes employees don't like paying to park, when the employees actually feel the parking lot is unsafe because it is not sufficiently lit at night.)

Another advantage of conducting Feedback Sessions is that management is made aware of any departmental or work group changes since the survey was administered. It also determines the significance of the approval or disapproval of certain items mentioned in the survey and greatly assists management in setting the right priorities for change. Finally, employees are included in the solution by soliciting their recommendations and suggestions.

At the end of the session, the facilitator gathers the group's priorities for change, which can be a key component to action planning. A feedback summary for each session is provided, outlining what was discussed during the session along with supporting quotes from employees.

Having Avatar Solutions conduct employee Feedback Sessions ensures confidentiality among employees and allows them to provide open and honest feedback. Avatar Solutions' consulting experience demonstrates that when feedback sessions are conducted properly, they yield actionable information, proving that a survey is more than a series of questions followed by numerical data. The sessions led by our external facilitator can help employees feel confident and secure; and most importantly, employees will be encouraged to provide meaningful, uninhibited feedback regarding the survey results, which will furnish the organization with the qualitative information needed to fully interpret the quantitative results.

Statistical Results Presentation
The Statistical Results Presentation introduces your Senior Management Team to the statistical data results at a global level, while preparing them for the next steps in the survey process. During the presentation, the survey dimensions are described, and the scores and statistical highlights/opportunities for improvement are detailed.

To ensure that the management team understands the next steps in the survey process, the Statistical Results Presentation also discusses feedback (including identifying specific topics that the management team would like probed); the dissemination of survey results; the Executive Roadmap and Comprehensive Results Presentation; and action planning. This presentation also establishes a timeline for the remainder of the process, as most management teams are concerned with when certain stages will be moving and how long each phase will take.

Specifically, the Statistical Results Presentation will cover:

  • Participation rate, both at a global level and within each of the major departments
  • Organization's ranking in the Avatar Solutions database
  • Description of each of the survey dimensions
  • Graphical representation of the organization's score compared to the normative score and historical data, if applicable
  • Discussion of the statistical highlights and opportunities for improvement at the global level
  • The purpose and importance of conducting feedback sessions
  • Distributing data and survey information
  • The Executive Roadmap and Comprehensive Results Presentation
  • ActionPro
  • Action planning

As mentioned, one of the main benefits of the Statistical Results Presentation is that it helps to coalesce leadership support for the survey process, which is essential to a successful survey. Avatar Solutions recommends conducting the senior management feedback session immediately following the Statistical Results Presentation, so that executives can fully understand from experience the process and purpose of the feedback sessions. The Statistical Results Presentation forms an important bridge between the first phase of the survey and the following steps that are essential to a successful outcome.

Comprehensive Results Presentation
The Comprehensive Results Presentation is an overview of the Executive Roadmap, providing an opportunity for your executive team to come together and discuss the survey results with Avatar Solutions. During this presentation, the overall highlights and opportunities for improvement will be reviewed along with engagement information and quick wins.

The Comprehensive Results Presentation also includes action planning training. This training will cover how to effectively communicate the final results to the organization; will review each step in the action planning process; and will address the responsibilities and expectations of senior leaders, managers, and employees throughout the process. The training will cover action planning tips, common pitfalls, and the post-survey timeline. After this training, the management team will understand how the survey results will be used to drive positive change.

Avatar also offers custom consulting packages to meet your unique needs. Please contact us for further details.