Workforce & Healthcare Solutions

Avatar Solutions

Avatar Solutions offers a wide number of solutions that can be customized to fit your organizational needs, both for workforce and healthcare organizations. Our suite of workforce solutions includes Employee Engagement/Satisfaction, Exit, and New Hire Surveys; our reporting and action planning system, ActionPro; and our Personal Employee Engagement Report, PEER. Our suite of healthcare solutions includes our Patient, CAHPS, Physician, and Patient Safety Culture Surveys, and our reporting and action-planning system, ImprovingCare. We also offer consulting around each of our surveys designed to support your organization on its organizational improvement journey.

What Sets Us Apart?

Avatar is unique because we recognize your organization is unique. We pride ourselves in tailoring a solution that is the perfect fit for your priorities. When you work with Avatar, you receive the specific tools that are necessary for impacting business outcomes. From customized survey items to meaningful data breakouts and personalized, actionable best practices, we work to meet your individual needs.

Our differentiating factors, as shown below, lay the foundation for an effective survey initiative and support your organization's desire for lasting positive change.

Flexibility/Personalization: Our customer focus ensures clients are able to personalize the survey instrument and process. This flexibility gives the survey initiative your organization's look and feel. Forty-seven percent of our clients cite this flexibility as the top reason they elected to hire us.

Dynamic Technology: Our technology allows our clients the ability to slice and dice their data as they wish and provides suggestions for improvement.

Actionable Data: Our goal is to help clients turn their data into action. We guide improvement by providing insightful analyses, intuitive action planning resources, and unlimited consulting.