Engagement Report: PEER


Do you know if your employees...

Feel responsible for their professional success?

Realize the steps they can take to improve their engagement?

Too many organizations continue to ignore the concept of empowering both managers and employees and often fail to effectively work engagement "from both sides of the fence." In addition, most organizations are only working one side of the engagement equation while the other half, employee ownership, is not being measured and therefore not being managed. Why should the sole responsibility for improvement fall on management when the driving force of workplace engagement actually should be shared between employees and managers?

To address and correct this imbalance, Avatar Solutions developed PEER, which is truly revolutionizing the industry by putting engagement in the hands of the employee. PEER is an optional and fully confidential report that employees may elect to receive after the completion of their engagement survey. PEER makes useful subject-specific suggestions on how an employee might enhance his or her own engagement level.

PEER is based on Avatar's Sweet 16 Survey items and has proven to be overwhelmingly successful in helping organizations address and improve the engagement levels of their employees. Contact us today to learn more about PEER.