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Avatar's comprehensive suite of healthcare survey tools has received the exclusive endorsement of the American Hospital Association. Avatar Solutions offers the following employee surveys both for healthcare and non-healthcare organizations:

Sweet 16® Employee Engagement Survey
The Sweet 16 is our most popular survey. The survey consists of 16 survey items and measures four key aspects of employee engagement designed to assess an individual's loyalty, likelihood of giving extra discretionary effort, and personal commitment to the organization. The Sweet 16 also has two open-ended comments and allows you to select an additional 20 customized survey items. The Sweet 16 takes roughly 15 minutes to complete.

Topics measured:

  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Recognition/Career Advancement
  • Supervision/Management
  • Co-worker Performance/Cooperation

Avatar Employee Satisfaction Survey
This instrument is designed to measure how content employees are with 9 key aspects of the workplace to provide a more complete view of the areas that influence employee satisfaction. This survey is composed of 40 questions with two open-ended comments, and you can choose an additional 40 customized survey items. The Avatar Employee Satisfaction Survey takes roughly 30 minutes to complete.

Topics measured:

  • Overall Job Satisfaction
  • Pay Satisfaction
  • Benefits Satisfaction
  • Supervisory Consideration
  • Communication
  • Human Resources/Personnel Policies
  • Concern for Employees
  • Training & Development
  • Strategy/Mission

Alternatively, should you be interested in a custom survey, Avatar is happy to work with you to accomplish your goals.

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How Significant is Employee Engagement to Your Company's Bottom-Line?

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Avatar's Return-on-Engagement White Paper

ROE: Return-on-Engagement White Paper Employee engagement has become the "holy grail" of the business environment. Since the mid-1990s, countless companies across the globe try to measure it, describe it, and/or increase it. Avatar's Director of Workforce Consulting Services, Murat Philippe, expands upon Avatar's philosophy towards engagement and the impact employee engagement has on organizational reputation, employee turnover, and financial performance.

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