New Hire Surveys

You have successfully selected the right candidate for the open position. They have completed the onboarding process and are firmly integrated into the new role. They are already starting to be productive and become an asset to your organization. Yet 59% of new employees leave an organization between six months and one year of service.

What happens after the first 90 days to these highly-engaged and motivated employees? You may be missing early warning signs that could be addressed with a simple action to fully engage or re-engage a valued employee.

Avatar's New Hire Survey is a three-part assessment, which measures the perception new employees have of the organization regarding topics such as the interviewing/hiring process, orientation, and departmental training, as well as job expectations.

The onboarding survey process offers the following advantages:

  • Improve employee retention/reduce turnover by identifying obstacles to an employee's integration early on in their employment.
  • Providing a cost savings in the money spent on recruiting, hiring, orientation, and training replacement employees.
  • Glean valuable employee perception information provided in key areas of employment such as training, workload, and satisfaction with the work, which can aid in the increased satisfaction and performance of employees.
  • Determine areas of deficiency in your organization as perceived by newly-hired employees.

Cross-Correlation Capabilities

Avatar can compare your Employee Engagement and Exit Survey results to the New Hire Survey results in order to cross-correlate overall employee engagement with that of your new employees, thus giving your organization a more global view of the factors that may impact turnover.

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