Patient Experience / Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Patient Experience Surveys

In healthcare, the leading organizations in the industry realize quality of care goes beyond simply measuring patient satisfaction. Instead, successful healthcare organizations make the entire patient experience their number one priority. Using our customizable tools, you can initiate positive change and outcomes that rise above patient satisfaction and exceed your patients' highest expectations.

Expectations Processes Outcomes

The framework of our proprietary surveys revolves around expectations, processes, and outcomes. In fact, Avatar is the sole organization to measure patients' expectations. Expectations impact how the Processes patients interact with are perceived, which in turn affect important Outcomes. Using this framework, we are able to design our surveys to truly understand the complete patient experience. Avatar's patient surveys are constructed from a comprehensive bank of tested and benchmarked questions, and can be administered via telephone, through the mail, online, or through a touch station before leaving their care experience. In designing the surveys, we use Matrix Sampling, in which patients receive different subsets of items reflective of their unique journey.

The following items can be included in your Patient Experience Survey:

  • Core Avatar Items
  • Client-Unique Items (e.g., faith-based hospitals may add items addressing the spiritual aspects of care)
  • Service-Specific Items (e.g., radiology or Emergency Department admission)
  • Clinically-Relevant Items (e.g., diabetes or high cholesterol)

Not only do we offer numerous items for clients to choose from when designing their surveys, Avatar prides itself on being the only patient survey provider to offer surveys as unique as your patients. We distinguish ourselves through our ability to fully customize the look and content of each survey, recognizing every patient experience is distinct. Each survey contains specific questions that measure the precise services and care patients receive throughout their journeys. Everything from the cover page to the wording of the items is customized.

Following the survey, data is uploaded into our state-of-the-art, user-friendly online reporting system, ImprovingCare. The system is organized based on clients' preferences, and allows users to examine data in more detail. Further, ImprovingCare provides access to online improvement tools and resources for continuous enhancement to the entire patient care experience. Through the use of Avatar's Patient Experience Surveys and intuitive reporting system, you truly can make a difference for your patients. Contact us today for additional information.