Physician Surveys

Avatar's comprehensive suite of healthcare survey tools has received the exclusive endorsement of the American Hospital Association.

Physician Satisfaction Survey
Research shows that physicians who are satisfied with a healthcare organization's level of technical and service support will remain loyal to that organization, and quite naturally, will recommend that organization to patients. Our Physician Satisfaction Surveys are vital to ensure that your organization is staffed with the most loyal doctors possible. Avatar Solutions provides comprehensive surveys to help you understand how your physicians perceive the organization and how likely they are to make referrals. We use a tailored and flexible approach to each project, which guides management in Turning Data Into Action®.

Physician Engagement Survey
The primary goal of conducting a Physician Engagement Survey is to help improve engagement. Avatar's Physician Engagement Survey is action-oriented and allows you to improve engagement by enabling your organization to garner physicians' opinions on the critical aspects of their relationship with the organization. You can then use this information to improve the organization, better communicate with physicians, and ultimately, enhance your reputation among potential patients.

Improving Physician Relations
The information gathered by our Physician Satisfaction and Engagement Surveys fosters positive physician relations in the following ways:

  • Increasing physician referral and physician loyalty.
  • Improving communication.
  • Strengthening the quality of physician services and improving the level of care.
  • Identifying service and technology improvements necessary to stay competitive and increase physician referrals.
  • Correlating the linkages between Physician Satisfaction/Engagement, Employee Satisfaction/Engagement, and Patient Satisfaction.
  • Determining the key drivers of Physician Satisfaction/Engagement.
  • Enhancing department specific and organization wide processes across all services.

The Physician Satisfaction and Engagement Surveys also include an open-ended comment section, which allows your physicians to share additional sentiments about the organization and their work.

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